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Memberships & Pricing 

At TWH we strive to make it possible for all of the families in our community to recieve Chiropractic care. We believe that consistency in Chiropractic care is best to reach your optimal health & wellness goals. Everyone nervous system is different and needs indivialized time to restore, therefore care plan recommendations are given but no time commiment is required. This allows flexibility and freedom to make informed decisions regarding the health of your family. 

First Visit & Review of Findings

First Adult/Pediatric Visit: $140 adult / $115 pediatric

This visit includes initial consultation, CLA INSiGHT nervous system scan, heart rate variability scan and "foundation adjustment"

Review of Findings: (Price included in 1st visit)

We will bring you back into the office for the review of findings within 48 hours following the first visit. On this visit we will review all findings on the nervous system scans and give recommendations of care based on your individual needs. This will also consist of a second adjustment shall you decide to continue chiropraactic care at TWH. 

Price of regular adjustment without membership is $55 (adults), and $45 (child)

Give us a call if there are any questions or concerns.

Wellness Memberships

To make it more affordable for consistent chiropractic care we offer $10 off of our adjustment for the purchase of 4 or more visits. 

$180  for 4 visits ($45/visit)

$340 for 8 visits ($45/visit)

*We ask that you use these wellness membership visits within 45 days of purchasing.

Family Memberships

We would love to serve your entire family. If 2 or more family members are receiving care, we offer a $20 off of our adjustment for the purchase of 4 or more visits. Price of family plans cap out at 4 per family therefore, families of 5 or more are not charged additional costs per family member. 

$140 per adult for 4 visits ($35/visit)

$100 per child for 4 visits ($25/visit)

Restoration care

Restoration care is recommended to every new patient at 6 weeks of care for 2x a week frequency. This phase of care is beneficial for us to assess and restore proper communication between the nervous system and the body.

We offer 10% off on our packages with the purchase this membership

  • WELLNESS: 10% off of $540 ($45 x 12) = $486 ​​​​

  • FAMILY: 10% off of $520 ($35 x 12) = $468

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