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  • Is Chiropractic safe for children
    Chiropractic is safe for children. We use gentle techniques with our little ones that provide a safe enviorment for their bodies to function to its innate abilities.
  • Is it safe to recieve Chiropractic care while pregnant?
    Yes! We encourage chiropractic adjustments during pregnancy because it allows for proper pelvic alignment, and nervous system function to pave the way for a smooth birth experience. Disclaimer: If you can any conditions you are concerned about we advise you to check with your primary care physician.
  • When can I bring my baby to the chiropractor?
    Our answer is always "As soon as you are ready"!
  • What are CLA insight scans?
    These are scans that we use during the exam process. They measure three different components of the nervous system and combines them to give you an overall insight to how it is functioning. They are very helpful in determining the recommended frequency of care.
  • What is your mask policy
    We do not currently require masks for our practioners or our patients. However, you are free to do so if you wish.

Frequently Asked Questions

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