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"There no system in the human body from mind to tissue to immunity that gains strength from avoiding challenges, but only by overcoming them". 

At THW we follow a health model of Vitalism. We believe that your body is self healing through the regulation and consistency of a proper functioning nervous system. We invite you to explore the services we offer through chiropractic. 

Chiropractic Services at The Wellness Hive

Nervous system based care for families & individuals

A balanced nervous system is the vital for our overall wellbeing. 

 The central nervous system is the power house. With the nervous system in the focus of care, chiropractic is able to help identify the root cause of your symptoms and aid you toward optimal health & wellness. 


 We can asesses your nervous system function via Insight Scans performed in our office at the first visit.

Pediatric & Adolescent


Brain and Nervous system development is most crucial in the first two years of your child's life. Our bodies go through a significant amount of stress during this period. Your child may express symptoms of dis-ease by excessive crying, acting out, or grumpiness. 


Issues within the spine & nervous system may also be associated with other childhood conditions such as delayed milestone development, colic, ear infections, hyperactivity, ADHD, and other sensory processing disorders. 

Empowered Prenatal & Postpartum Care 

Your birth plan goals are important to us!


It is our goal to provide pregnant mothers with a proper functioning nervous system, pelvic, and soft tissue environment. Removing interferences in the nervous system and spine promotes optimal conditions for the birth process. 

At The Wellness Hive we respect the work the body goes through during childbirth. 

Chiropractic care restores proper alignment to the spine and pelvis allowing your body to heal correctly. Were here to aid you through your postpartum journey. 

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