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"There no system in the human body from mind to tissue to immunity that gains strength from avoiding challenges, but only by overcoming them". 

At THW we follow a health model of Vitalism. We believe that your body is self healing through the regulation and consistency of a proper functioning nervous system. We invite you to explore the services we offer through chiropractic. 

Whole Family Care

Your brain communicates to every tissue, organ, and gland throughout your entire body via the nervous system. Chiropractic adjustments help keep those pathways of communication free from interference providing a well functioning body with optimal healing. Whether you are looking for relief from symptoms or just over all health and well-being, We are here for you!


Pediatric Chiropractic Care

Chiropractic care is focused on finding the root cause for these common conditions. Rather that treating these conditions we focus on removing interferences in the spine and nervous system so that your child can process and adapt better to their environment. Brain and Nervous system development is most crucial in the first two years of your child's life. Our bodies go through a significant amount of stress during this period. Dis-ease within the spine & nervous system may also be associated with other childhood conditions such as delayed milestone development, colic, ear infections, hyperactivity, ADHD, and other sensory processing disorders. 

Ear Infections

Ear infections can be rough on our little ones but chiropractic adjustments can help with ear drainage and preventing future ear infections

Oral Ties

Oral ties can cause tension throughout the body and nervous system. Chiropractic care can help remove this tension so that your child can adapt and function better. 



The gut and nervous system connection is vital for your child to function and develop in those first years of life. Colic, gassiness, reflux, and constipation are all conditions that have nervous system component. Specific adjustments can help your child restore the nervous system to gut communication.


Sensory Disorders

With more and more children being diagnosed with sensory related disorders from add, adhd, autisim, it is imperative that we recognize the imbalance of the nervous system. Chiropractic care can help your child's nervous system better regulate and adapt to their enviorment

Prenatal Chiropractic Care

In our office we believe that health of the baby starts with the health of the mother, especially during the pregnancy journey. Pregnancy can bring about many changes for a woman as she transitions from maiden to mother. Our goal is to provide comfort and support through this phase. These are some of the common reasons women seek care during pregnancy. 


Low Back Pain

80% of women experience low back pain in pregnancy. Chiropractic adjustments can help relieve discomfort and add stability in the pelvis throughout pregnancy. 


Round Ligament

Round Ligament pain is caused by the growing stress on the ligaments of the uterus during pregnancy. Prenatal adjustments relieve this stress and tension in the round ligaments. 


Baby Positioning

If there imbalance or tension within the pelvis and surrounding ligaments this can cause baby to choose positions that they are more comfortable in such as breech or transverse. Balancing of the ligaments and pelvis can help your baby find optimal positioning. 

Birth Outcomes

Research shows, women that receive chiropractic care during pregnancy have 30% less discomfort during labor and short labor times. Chiropractic care can help improve birth outcomes for mother and baby. 

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